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I have a small PHP articles system, and I'd like to add a Similar Articles list to each article (that would obviously be loaded very frequently).
I figured I should use MATCH AGAINST in order to populate the similar articles list, based on the title of articles.
The thing is, how would I go about actually implementing it?
Is performing the MATCH AGAINST query on each view of an article too intensive, or fine?
If it is too intensive, what are the alternatives?


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Do some reading first - –  ajreal Sep 5 '11 at 14:08
50 slides only: "Practical Full Text Search in MySQL"… –  sanmai Sep 5 '11 at 14:14
@sanmai Well, so basically using MATCH AGAINST in EACH article page load, shouldn't be a problem? –  Lior Sep 5 '11 at 14:26

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If you want to find those articles that is similar to the current article's title, then try MATCH AGAINST and see how it performs. Running a query like this every time an article added (or title being modified) should not be a performance problem.

SELECT * FROM articles WHERE MATCH (title,body) AGAINST ('@newtitle');

However, if you want to find similar articles based on the whole text of the article, you may want to try calculate similarity between article bodies and see if it gives better results then MATCH AGAINST title

In general, first I'd worry about actually finding the really similar articles, and then I may start worry about the performance. Good luck.

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Do you mean, each time an article is added or edited, I should save the similar articles for that article? In that case, new articles that are similar to that articles would never be shown, and the same articles would always be shown for each article. –  Lior Sep 5 '11 at 14:35
Well, I guess if article2 is newer then article1, then you are right in that article2 will not be assigned to article1 as similar. On the other hand, article1 will be assigned to article2 as similar. So what is the problem with that? –  bpgergo Sep 5 '11 at 14:40
Well, a year from now, the old article would show old articles as similar. I guess I can live with that, I just prefer it would get updated at least every once in a while. Would running the MATCH AGAINST query on each article view (i.e. each time the similar articles list is to be created for the article) be too intensive? –  Lior Sep 5 '11 at 14:50
@Lior, running MATCH AGAINST on each article on a regular basis (like in a background batch process every night) could be too intensive, depending on the number of articles you have. But I still do not get why you would want to do that. Let's imagine you have a many_to_many relationship like this create table similar_articles (art_id1 int, art_id2 int). Also suppose, that when you update or read this, you always check/update (which is actually delete and then insert) both sides (art_id1, art_id2). Hence it would be sufficient to run MATCH AGAINST only on new/updated articles, wouldn't it? –  bpgergo Sep 5 '11 at 15:02
As I said, the only problem with this is that the same articles would always be shown once an article is created (or edited), and I would really prefer it would get updated). What are my options? –  Lior Sep 5 '11 at 15:14

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