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I try to make an insert statement on iPhone and all others working but i try this one and after that I try to bind values but i got error 21 and it seems that is happend because of stmt variable is after prepare 0x00 (null I think) But dont know whats happens

sqlite3 *database;
        sqlite3_open([pathDb UTF8String], &database);        
        sqlite3_stmt *stmt;

        NSString *insert = @"";
        if ([model.ident intValue] != -1)
            insert = @"UPDATE Blubb SET Key=? WHERE Id = ?";
            insert = @"INSERT INTO Blubb (Id, Field,KeyLastUpdate,SortNr) VALUES (?,NULL,date('now'), SELECT COUNT(*) + 1 FROM Connections)";
        const char *insertStmt = [insert UTF8String];

        int result = sqlite3_prepare(database, insertStmt, -1, &stmt, NULL);
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Using the C functions directly for SQLite is a pain... Ever considered using wrappers?

Since I started using one I started having far less problems with DB querys... Here is a link with suggestions:

Best Cocoa/Objective-C Wrapper Library for SQLite on iPhone

hope it helps

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