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Been trying to find an answer for this. There is a lot of info on running a php script from the linux command line, however, what I would like to know is how to run a linux command line program from a web page via php.

What i'm after is on the fly processing of files from this program: http://sk1project.org/modules.php?name=Products&product=uniconvertor

Is this possible with php, or would i have to use another language?

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You have various options, such as system() and shell_exec().

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The system function is what you are looking for.


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Both passthru and exec should be able to do that for you.

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i think you can just use the exec()-command in PHP

For example, I'm using FFMPEG to convert uploaded video's to flv.

You can execute a FFMPEG-command through php like this:

exec("ffmpeg -i $input -s 320x240 -ar 44100 -r 12 $output");
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