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If my domain is 31.example.appspot.com (App Engine prepends a version number), I can retrieve the domain from the Request object like this:

String domain = request.getServerName();
// domain == 31.example.appspot.com

What I want is to extract everything except the version number so I end up with two values:

String fullDomain; // example.appspot.com
String appName;    // example

Since the domain could be anything from:




How do I extract the fullDomain and appName values in Java?

Would a regex be appropriate here?

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If you are always sure of this pattern, then just find the first dot and start from there.

fullDomain = domain.subString(domain.indexOf('.'));

UPDATE: after James and Sean comments, here is the full correct code:

int dotIndex = domain.indexOf(".")+1;
fullDomain = domain.substring(dotIndex);
appName = domain.substring(dotIndex,domain.indexOf(".",dotIndex));
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You may want to add how to get appName also, so save the indexOf value to an int, then use that for the two substring calls. –  James Black Sep 5 '11 at 14:36
actually: domain.indexOf('.') + 1 –  Sean Patrick Floyd Sep 5 '11 at 14:38

Take a look at split method on java.lang.String.

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