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I have a program that uses the JNA library (managed with maven). The program itself has all permissions (I got a FilePermission error, changed the policy file, and now I can read/write at will). However, when I use JNA, I get the following error:

Exception in thread "main" access denied (java.util.PropertyPermission jna.encoding read)
    at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission(
    at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPropertyAccess(
    at java.lang.System.getProperty(
    at com.sun.jna.Pointer.getString(
    at com.sun.jna.Function.invokeString(
    at com.sun.jna.Function.invoke(
    at com.sun.jna.Function.invoke(
    at com.sun.jna.Library$Handler.invoke(

My policy file is (that last grant obvioulsy doesn't work):

grant codeBase "file:/home/tm/workspace/-" {
grant codeBase "file:/home/tm/.m2/repository/net/java/dev/jna/jna/-" {
  permission java.util.PropertyPermission "jna.encoding", "read";

I'm running the program in eclipse, from a project in the workspace directory. Any ideas which permissions I need to assign to what?

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I had RMISecurityManagers in place since it was a distributed program. When I removed all calls to setSecurityManager, the problem stopped. I presume System.setSecurityManager(new RMISecurityManager()); doesn't pick up the policy file.

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