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I connect repository in projects settings: set repository type as mercurial and set root directory as "/repositories/hg_test" and when i click Repository tab in project i get "The entry or revision was not found in the repository"

Repository separately works great, i can push and pull.

I try to drop tables "changes" and "changesets" in redmine database and do

ruby script/runner "Repository.fetch_changesets" -e production

I get some records in this tables again. Records from my 'hg_test' repository. I think this mean that redmine SEE that repository but cant DISPLAY it.

Why he cant, how to solve this problem? Maybe i must configure something in redmine.

PS OS - Ubuntu 10.04, webserver - nginx with passenger

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I have the same problem, did you solve this? –  v2k Mar 8 '12 at 8:05

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If your repositories' directory is mounted via SSHFS, be sure to enable -o allow_other when mounting.

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Redmine must have permissions to access to your repository. Add webserver's user (in my case it was www-data) in the group ownership of files and directories of repository.

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I made the repository 777 and still no luck. –  v2k Mar 8 '12 at 8:06

this solution worked for me:

edit (copy *.yml.example if not created yet) file /opt/redmine/config/configuration.yml, and change this line with your hg executable path:

scm_mercurial_command: /usr/bin/hg

restart the webserver containing redmine (typically redmine itself or apache)


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