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I need to upload a bitmap to Amazon S3. I have never used S3, and the docs are proving less than helpful as I can't see anything to cover this specific requirement. Unfortunately I'm struggling to find time on this project to spend a whole day learning how it all hangs together so hoping one of you kind people can give me some pointers.

Can you point to me to a source of reference that explains how to push a file to S3, and get a URL reference in return?

More specifically: - Where do the credentials go when using the S3 Android SDK? - Do I need to create a bucket before uploading a file, or can they exist outside buckets? - Which SDK method do I use to push a bitmap up to S3? - Am I right in thinking I need the CORE and S3 libs to do what I need, and no others?

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Take a look at the Amazon S3 API documentation to get a feel for what can and can't be done with Amazon S3. Note that there are two APIs, a simpler REST API and a more-involved SOAP API.

You can write your own code to make HTTP requests to interact with the REST API, or use a SOAP library to consume the SOAP API. All of the Amazon services have these standard API endpoints (REST, SOAP) and in theory you can write a client in any programming language!

Fortunately for Android developers, Amazon have released a (Beta) SDK that does all of this work for you. There's a Getting Started guide and Javadocs too. With this SDK you should be able to integrate S3 with your application in a matter of hours.

The Getting Started guide comes with a full sample and shows how to supply the required credentials.

Conceptually, Amazon S3 stores data in Buckets where a bucket contains Objects. Generally you'll use one bucket per application, and add as many objects as you like. S3 doesn't support or have any concept of folders, but you can put slashes (/) in your object names.

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Thanks David. I've spent some time with the getting started guide and the docs and samples but so far it's been a slow process to get to a point of seeing suitable sample code. Amazon seem to have written the docs for people who are going to learn everything and spend a lot of time with it - I don't have that luxury, I just want to shove a file in, and do other stuff. Looks like I need to put a lot more time in which is a shame. –  Ollie C Sep 5 '11 at 16:09
I know what you mean. I'm going on three days now trying to find an easy to understand example for uploading images securely to s3. –  Shannon Cole Nov 9 '11 at 0:51

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