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i have a database: database with a table: table and some fields:

id  fname       dphone      count_pic   dup_id  

6055903 Karla       5126xxx798  1       57  
6173767 Aaliyah     4082xxx534  4       39  
5611411 Aaliyah     4082xxx534  15      39  
5611211 Aaliyah     4082xxx534  18      39  
4234798 Abby        3057xxx974  31      16  
6166691 Walter      6178xxx280  1       74  
3375576 Walter      6178xxx280  17      74

what i am trying to do is to select the fields that have the smallest count_pic and the ones that have the bigger count_pic and that have the same dup_id and fname

any ideas how to do this in mysql?

i've got an answer that will match those things but not the fname:

  FROM `table` t1
INNER JOIN (SELECT MIN(count_pic) AS minpic,
               MAX(count_pic) AS maxpic,
          FROM `table`
      GROUP BY dup_id) t2 ON t1.dup_id = t2.dup_id
                         AND (t1.count_pic = minpic
                           OR t1.count_pic = maxpic)

any ideas how to add the fname in the loop? right now it's only keeping track of the same dup_id


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FROM table
WHERE (fname, countpic, dupid) in (
   SELECT fname, max(countpic), dupid FROM table GROUP BY fname, dupid
   SELECT fname, min(countpic), dupid FROM table GROUP BY fname, dupid
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almost there, but i would like to keep the template from my question, this query doesn't seem to get all the results i need –  Patrioticcow Sep 5 '11 at 16:28

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