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I use a keyword m to represent a post from a member while an u from an user,

So the post owner id will have something like this, m-1, m-2, u-1, etc.

m-1 is member id 1

m-2 is member id 2

u-1 is user id 1

Here is the table post,

needle_id   needle_title    needle_content  needle_published    owner_id    pg_id   
    1       a               xxx status      1                   m-1         39      
    2       b               xxx status      1                   m-2         39  
    3       c               xxx status      1                   m-3         39  
    4       d               xxx status      1                   u-1         39  
    5       e               xxx status      1                   m-1         39

and the table member,

mem_id  mem_screenname      mem_email           mem_key     cat_id
1       Member one          a@sample.com        xxx         1
2       Member two          b@sample.com        xxx         1
3       Member three        c@sample.com        xxx         1

Here is my query,

n.needle_id as needleID,
n.needle_title as needleTitle,
n.needle_content as needleContent,
n.needle_published as needleApproved,
n.mem_id as needleOwnerID,
n.needle_created as needleCreated,

m.mem_screenname as needleOwnerScreenname,
m.mem_email as needleOwnerEmail,
m.mem_key as needleOwnerKey,
m.cat_name as needleOwnerType

FROM root_string_needles AS n


        FROM root_members_cfm  AS mm

        LEFT JOIN root_category_members AS ccmm
        ON ccmm.cat_id = mm.cat_id
    ) AS m 
    ON m.mem_id = n.owner_id 

WHERE n.pg_id = '39'

AND m.mem_screenname IS NOT NULL
AND n.needle_published != '0'

ORDER BY n.needle_created DESC

I'm stuck at ON m.mem_id = n.owner_id because I use prefix for the owner id and they won't match.

So how can I trim the prefix in the column of owner id so that the column mem id can match owner id?

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That is not the way to do it. You should consider having two columns, owner_id and mem_id, and use referential integrity between your tables and join against the correct column in your queries. –  Mikael Eriksson Sep 5 '11 at 16:17
Mikael you should post that as an answer. You're absolutely correct. –  Brian Roach Sep 5 '11 at 16:27
Thank you Mikael! –  tealou Sep 5 '11 at 16:49

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@Mikael has the righ answer. To actually trim the data you can use the MySQL mid function:


You can also find the dash (-) and then extract all data after the dash.

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thanks for this, John! –  tealou Sep 7 '11 at 13:49

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