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Have a problem with array in my where clause. I have an array in my object. YML:

     - 30
     - 31
     - 32
     - 33

How can I select shoes that matches between two ranges?

Tried to use BETWEEN but array is serialized. Is there function to make some select in serialized array in Doctrine/MySql or better use a string? Or better use what?

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This works:

 static function makeOrQueryFromArray($array, $table_name)
        foreach ($array as $value)
          $query .= "s.$table_name LIKE '%i:$value%' OR ";
        return substr($query,0,strlen($query)-4).")";
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That'll work, but you won't be able to use an index for that query (because of unanchored LIKE in the WHERE clause), which could cause performance problems as your application scales. You might want to consider a different mechanism such as Lucene, or create a separate table that maps shoes to their sizes. –  user212218 Jan 10 '12 at 17:59

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