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Is there any advantage for using visitor pattern in a recursive scenario? If so can you demonstrate it programmatically?

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How about traversing a binary tree? e.g.

private class NodeVisitor{
 public void visit(VisitableNode<T> node){
    if (node!=null) {
       print node.data;

public class VisitableTree<T> {

  private VisitableNode<T> root;
  public void printNodes(){
    new NodeVisitor.visit(root);

 private class VisitableNode<T> {
     T data;
     VisitableNode<T> left;
     VisitableNode<T> right; 
     public void visit(NodeVisitor<T> visitor){
       ..do something
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Is this really recursive? I'm either missing something, or it is not. I think you want (in your VisitNode class) visitor.visit(this); and then you call this.visit(left) (and right). See this link. –  javamonkey79 Nov 5 '14 at 23:16
Amending my last comment, it should be left.visit(visitor) (and right) –  javamonkey79 Nov 5 '14 at 23:44

I think the main benefit is that it only requires iterations over collections 1 level deep. It can call back, but at least the accept() method will be clean.

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