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I am sending a .XML file using res.sendfile 'xml/foo.xml'. How can I pass variables to the foo.xml file and change the .XML content accordingly?


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Instead of using res.sendfile 'xml/foo.xml', you'll have to use a template file and pass your variables into a library that will parse the template and give you the XML for each request. While there are many templating engines for Node.js, the two that Express supports by default are EJS and Jade. Jade is Haml-like, which is cool, but if you're working with existing XML, then you should probably stick to EJS. EJS lets you just take ordinary HTML or XML and embed JavaScript in it.

So, you'd rename xml/foo.xml to views/foo.ejs and, instead of res.sendfile, you'd write something like

res.contentType 'text/xml'
res.render 'foo.ejs', obj

where obj contains all of the variables that you want to make available to the template.

Check the Express guide on "View Rendering" for more information.

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