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How I can get User by ID? MembershipUser mu=Membership.GetUser("UserName"); But, I want get user by ID, but not by name.

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MembershipUser u = Membership.GetUser(id);

This will work (expects object ProviderUserKey) - which is GUID by the default asp.net membership provider.

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Since user names are unique, you can query your application database Users table to get the UserName for a specific UserID and pass the result to Membership.GetUser("UserName");

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If you're using inbuilt MembershipProvider, then you'll have to write a helper method which will do the job for you and return a MembershipUser instance based on the Id to query.

If you're using your own custom MembershipProvider, in that case you can create a method overload for Membership.GetUser() which will take an Id and return a MembershipUser instance, However, you will need to cast the MembershipProvider default instance to the type of your custom MemberdhipProvider to gain the type-safe access

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If you are using(or inheriting from) the standard SqlMemberShipProvider you can use MembershipProvider.GetUser(providerUserKey, userIsOnline).

Where providerUserKey is the GUID and userIsOnline is a boolean that indicates whether the last-activity date/time stamp for the specified user should be updated or not.


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