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I used to use the following syntax when using (previous versions of) jQuery:

jQuery('<span/>', {className: 'a'};

Using jQuery 1.6.2 the same will create classname attribute on the element and not class. So I tried using (the reserved word) class and it works, but only in (latest-ish) Chrome and Firefox. IE 7 will choke on the reserved word.

What am I missing here? The (truncated) script is below:

jQuery('<div/>', {
    className: 'wrap'
.append(jQuery('<div/>', {
    className: 'button',
    html: jQuery('<a/>', {
        href: function() {
            return '#'
        className: 'amaranth',
        html: '<span>View in</span> Site'
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You can just put quotes around the keyword class, which is more valid JSON anyway

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Great, cheers tandu! –  Radek Sep 5 '11 at 17:30
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You can use .addClass():



Or add it inline:

jQuery('<div class="test2"/>').appendTo('body');


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