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I tried to use the virtual key code provided by wParam, however that didn't work very well:

  • multiple keys mapped to the same key code
  • some keys were not recognized at all
  • virtual keys seemed to be adapted to the keyboard layout (which i don't want/need)

Then i saw that the lParam will give me a scancode along with an "extended" flag, which seem to produce a different value for every single key on the keyboard when calculated like this:

value = (lParam & 0x01FF0000) >> 16;

Will this value always be identical for the same key on the keyboard, even across various keyboards/systems?

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Scancodes can be different for different keyboards. Best to use virtual key codes. From http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646267(v=vs.85).aspx:

Assigned to each key on a keyboard is a unique value called a scan code, a device-dependent identifier for the key on the keyboard. A keyboard generates two scan codes when the user types a key—one when the user presses the key and another when the user releases the key.

The keyboard device driver interprets a scan code and translates (maps) it to a virtual-key code, a device-independent value defined by the system that identifies the purpose of a key.

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