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Using jQuery, what is the easiest way to determine whether a particular element is visible? I don’t mean visible within the current viewport, but on the page.

Ideally, the function should return false if the element or any of its ancestors has a CSS rule such as display: none or visibility: hidden. No need to worry about overflow: hidden.

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Kidding right? have you just tried to google/or/SOverflow-search "jquery-element-is-visible-or-not?" – Roko C. Buljan Sep 5 '11 at 20:13
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Use :visible selector with is method.

   //Element is visible
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You can use is() method.

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$('div:visible'); will return all visible divs.

Also, it's worth noting this section of the jQuery 1.3.2 changelog:

In jQuery 1.3.2 an element is visible if its browser-reported offsetWidth or offsetHeight is greater than 0. It means that if your element's CSS display is "none", or any of its parent/ancestor element's display is "none", or if the element's width is 0 and the element's height is 0 then an element will be reported as hidden.

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