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I'm currently learning node.js.

I'd like to create a module named 'bio' that would contain some native C++ extensions and some javascript code.

I've generated a simple "package.json" file with npm init in the root directory and my c++ sources in the src/ folder. The C++ file is compiled to /build/extension.node .

  • Where should I put the javascript files ?

  • how should I tell node that my javascript files are part of the 'bio' package ?

  • how should I set the $NODE_PATH ?


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The javascript files are commonly put to ./lib/. Check small NPM packages such as dirty or request for examples.

To tell node the package name put package.json and other files to a bio folder.

You should not set NODE_PATH. You should rely on node_modules convention instead.

Read http://nodejs.org/docs/latest/api/modules.html#modules_folders_as_modules and related documentation.

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