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How might I utilize socket connections using only the C standard libraries? I do not wish to use any third-party libraries.

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There is nothing in the C standard library that has anything to do with sockets. C is agnostic of networking. You could take a look at Posix standard API which is not technically a standard C library, but it is a standard API.

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This is a very good tutorial on the subject.

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The C standard library doesn't contain any library to create a socket connection.

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... but disregarding the exact name of the library, the important functions to get your head around are:

  • socket() - creates a socket
  • close() - closes a socket
  • bind() - associates a socket with a port number; typically on "server" end only
  • listen() and accept() - handle incoming connections ("server side", TCP)
  • connect() - initiate outgoing connection ("client side", TCP)
  • recv() - receive data from connection (TCP)
  • send() - send data over connection (TCP)
  • recvfrom() - receive data from connectionless socket (UDP)
  • sendto() - send data over connectionless socket (UDP)

Depending on the environment you're coding in, you'll need to include something like

#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
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