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I'm thinking about integrating Spreedly into my webapp to handle the payments & subscriptions. It's a .Net MVC app, however I could do the payment form in .Net Web Forms if needs be.

I'm just looking through the Spreedly API documentation, and the examples appear to use curl commands which I am very unfamiliar with, e.g. example .

I've googled (and maybe I'm googling for the wrong thing) and while I get lots of websites giving me lots of different examples of curl commands, I am still unsure how to actually use them in the context of a .Net web page?

Any help/links/etc to enlighten me would be much appreciated :)

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Here's a question that discusses implementing a cURL request using a C# WebRequest -

cURL with user authentication in C#

Here's the .NET binding on the cURL website -

Finally, this Google search got me a sizable number of results, which seem to be relevant to what you're looking for -

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Thanks alot. Appreciate you taking the time to answer and point me in the right direction despite your patronising tone. – 109221793 Sep 5 '11 at 19:56
Sorry - didn't mean to come across as patronising! Just out of interest what was it about the answer that made you feel that way? – ipr101 Sep 5 '11 at 20:01

I've implemented a NuGet package that could help you....

You can also browse the code on GitHub to see how curl maps to HttpClient, for example...

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