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I have a controller with name users_controller, within the login action I want to redirect to my affiliate_redirect_controller.php, now I the following code in the users controller to redirect

      'action'=>'logRedirect' ));

And then I get the following error which I can't seem to resolve

Error: The requested address '/affiliate_redirect/logRedirect' was not found on this server.

I honestly do not know what this could be, quite new to cakePHP and none of the solutions found work for me.

the contents of affiliate_redirect_controller.php looks like this

class AffiliateRedirectController extends AppController
    var $name = 'AffiliateRedirect';

    function logRedirect(){
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try giving direct path $this->redirect('/affiliate_redirect/logRedirect'); According to cake's conventions the controller name should be AffiliateRedirects, filename affiliate_redirects_controller; this shouldn't be a problem here but check it anyways. – Ehtesham Sep 5 '11 at 19:33
@Ehtesham, no it's not working, could it perhaps be my naming conventions? – Roland Sep 5 '11 at 19:39
well, just for testing rename controller filename to affiliates.php,class name to AffiliatesController, $name = 'Affiliates' and then see if it works $this->redirect(array('controller' => 'affilates', 'action' => 'logRedirect')); – Ehtesham Sep 5 '11 at 19:54
Something else needs to be wrong, getting the same problem without the redirect – Roland Sep 5 '11 at 20:01
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I can see there is a mistake in your code its because of naming convention.

      'action'=>'logRedirect' ));

Please see the above changes when you are writing your controller name in lowercase like above it should be plural affiliate_redirects and should not be affiliate_redirect

Apart from this you can use directly redirect as like this also.


Please try, it should work.

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It's redirectingto the logRedirect method, how I know is when I echo something in the method it echoes, but the error is still there, could this be because of no view? – Roland Sep 6 '11 at 8:11
Yes you're right. There should be always a view associated with every action. If you do not wish to have any view then just write a statement $this->autoRender = false; OR if you do not want any main layout for it then just use $this->layout = 'ajax'; – Vins Sep 6 '11 at 8:50

Do you have a table in your database that corresponds to affiliate redirect controller?

You might want to rethink your logic, and use CakePHP routes to set the URL to what you want. Having a controller named affiliate_redirect_controller doesn't follow CakePHP's naming conventions.

Since I don't know exactly what you're trying to do, I don't know if this will work for you, but maybe consider redirecting to a separate action in UsersController like /users/affiliate_redirect/
Or you can create an AffiliatesController and then redirect to /affiliates/redirect/

Also, if you don't have debug mode set to 2, you should do that. It may help reveal what the actual issue is.

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No I need to add a table, but did not do it yet. So the correct naming convention of the controller file would be affiliateredirect_controller.php if the class is named AffiliateRedirect. The AffiliateController basically logs a entry in the database and then redirects the user to where he needs to be – Roland Sep 5 '11 at 19:49
The Correct file name would be affiliate_redirects_controller.php the class name would be AffiliateRedirectsController and the $name would be AffiliateRedirects , then you would create a database table named affiliate_redirects and a model named affiliate_redirect.php – Rob Sep 5 '11 at 20:44

What debug level do you have in app/config/core.php ? Most of the time, when you get the message

Error: The requested address '/controller/action' was not found on this server.

it means you have a debug level set to 0 and increasing it to 1 or 2 allows to get more details about the error.

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It's at Zero I will set it to 1, when I set it to 2 I get a couple of deprecated errors. but the deprecated thing should not be the problem because all other controllers work – Roland Sep 5 '11 at 21:11

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