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How can I conditionally parametrize a SQLite database in AIR? For example this query:

//selectedID is the ID I want to select
query.text = "select * from table where id=@ID";

But I want the where statement to appear only if selectedID is greater than 0.

What I would normally do is:

query.text = "select * from table"+(selectedID>0?" where id="+selectedID:'');

However, I read on the LiveDocs performance-wise it is better to use parameters.

Is it possible to parametrize a whole statement or that's only possible for values? Or maybe this is good-enough:

query.text = "select * from table"+(selectedID>0?" where id=@ID":'');
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            if (selectedID > 0)
                 query.text = .....
                 query.parameters['@ID'] = ...
                 query.text = .....
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Yeah, I know, I was wondering if you can parameterize the statement. –  Francisc Sep 6 '11 at 20:09
Also, it's basically the same thing as with the short version of if-else only I have to change the text property twice when I do... –  Francisc Sep 6 '11 at 20:09

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