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I want to populate a treeview control in VB.net from a table (or many tables) in a MYSQL database. I would like to know the syntax for such a task rather than an example because i'd like to be able to reference it in the future. so if i have two tables on a MySql server like the ones below:

Employee: (Table Name)

  • Name (Column Name) (Values: employee1,employee2,employee3...)

Project: (Table Name)

  • Project_id (Column Name) (Values: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6...)

  • Project Name (Column Name) (Values: Project1,project2,project3...)

i want the output to be something like:

(-) Employees

 (+) employee1
 (+) employee2
 (+) employee3

(-) Projects

 (-) project1
      (-) 0
      (-) 1
      (-) 2
 (-) project2
      (-) 0
      (-) 1
      (-) 2

(Above is the desired layout for the treeview control.)

i also want to be able to add and delete more projects and employees, and if possible, be able to display a group of controls related to the employee i click on such as textboxes, labels, calenders... etc. i know this can be done using the group box control. i am doing this is VB.net on a windows 7 based computer. i have the latest MYSql set up and i am using Visual Basic 2010 Express.


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Are you looking for VB syntax or MySQL Syntax, and if MySQL Syntax, are you looking for a Stored Procedure, or a standard query? –  George W Bush Sep 6 '11 at 4:55
im looking for the vb syntax –  daniel11 Sep 6 '11 at 14:08
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