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Currently I use this code for refreshing the grid:

setInterval(function(){  jQuery("#grid").trigger("reloadGrid"); },10000);

It works well. But I need a solution for expanded subgrids. When the grid refreshed the expanded subgrids are closing.

Is there any way to refresh the grid without close the expanded subgrids?

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looks like their demo page is changing the TR class from sgcollapsed to sgexpanded. I would think you could keep an array of TRs that are open before the refresh and re-open them after.

I know very little about jqGrid, but I thought I would post this as it seemed to point you in the right direction from the chat.

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This is an old question but I struggled with the same thing so I thought I'd share what I did. Eonasdan's answer is right on. In my case I added code to the subGridRowExpanded and subGridRowCollapsed events to store the row ID of the row which have been expanded (I only allowed one row to be expanded at a time, but you could use a collection as well). Then I added code to the loadComplete event for the table to re-open the row that collapsed after the postback. That part is all obvious, but here are the two kickers: 1. Re-expanding the subgrid doesn't cause its data to be persisted for some reason. So I had to go back to the server to get it. I did that by resubmitting the subgrid row (which has an id of the grid an underscore and the rowid). 2. For some reason you have to use a timer and expand the subgrid after a delay (even 1ms seems to work). It is like you can't expand the grid during the loadComplete event itself, but if you wait a tick then it works fine.

So like this:

var expandSubGrid = function(){

    $('#grid').jqGrid('expandSubGridRow', expandedRowID);
    $('#grid_' + expandedRowID).trigger('reloadGrid');

//the loadComplete event handler which was wired up when I created the grid
var grid_loadComplete = function () {
    //expand the subgrid
    window.setTimeout(expandSubGrid, 1);
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