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Is there a widget for GTK or Qt that would allow me to draw stock charts like this?
(copy&paste the URL due to hotlinking restriction)

Thanks, Joel

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Qwt can handle it and Uwe Rathmann the main developer is active and helpfull

mail thread on financial charting.

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How about GTKGraph? Or see if you can pull something out of Grism? The author writes:

I draw stock charts using a GtkDrawingArea and a Cairo context. The charts are not animated, but if you resize the chart window, the chart automatically resizes (actually, it performs a redraw).

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There's KD Chart for Qt.

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Try this: NightCharts.

But you should keep in mind, that it's a self-made thing without any support and seemingly its development has been stopped already. So probably there may be a plenty of bugs.

And one more thing. IMHO it draws the most pretty pie charts among other Qt chart libraries.

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Medsphere has made their graphing widget available, note that it's implemented in gtk# though.

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