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What variables do I need to use to build the exact url in the browser?

e.g. [protocol][domain][path][get params]

so I want to be able to have a variable contain http://example.com/folder/file.php?something=value

But I do not know what $_SERVER variables I can use to build this string?

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You can use 'PHP_SELF', 'SERVER_PROTOCOL', 'QUERY_STRING' $_SERVER elements to get the full path.

to know all the available $_SERVER elements, check the following page


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function current_url() {
    if ($_SERVER['HTTPS'] == "on") {
        $current_url = "https://";
    } else {
        $current_url = "http://";
    if ($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] != "80") {
        $current_url .= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . ":" . $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    } else {
        $current_url .= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    return $current_url;
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