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I have this code in Python which runs perfectly well. What it does is it deletes files from a list on a filesheet. Now my question is if the cmd returns file not found could not delete how can I make Python aware of it so that I could put in a log the files I haven't deleted? I thought error handling would help but it wasn't an error in part of Python since I was just invoking the cmd through Python. Any ideas are welcome. :)

Example of how I invoke the cmd:

import os
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How is the Python script invoking it? –  icktoofay Sep 6 '11 at 2:27

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From the docs:

"The subprocess module allows you to spawn new processes, connect to their input/output/error pipes, and obtain their return codes."

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Thanks dude! ^^ –  J Roq Sep 6 '11 at 4:01

Here are the codes I was used and work well in Windows environment:

import subprocess["cmd"])

It's also available to accept more parameters as list in Python And it also could invoke your *.exe app to execute.

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