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Now, I am working with ActiveReport in and C#. I would like to know that can I get page number in "Section Event". I want to show some data when the page number is not equal to 1. So , I want to get page number in Detail_Format Event. Can I?

 private void detail_Format(object sender, EventArgs e)
   int pageNumber = 0;
   //getting page number
   if(pageNumber == 1)
     //do some function
     //show some data

So, I need to know current page number. Please help me.

With Regards.

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if(this.PageNumber == 1)

PageNumber is a property of the current running report. However, when using it in Detail_Format event you should know that it might not be accurate in cases where a section is formatted on one page then needs to be moved to another page because of fitting. The more accurate place to use PageNumber in the BeforePrint event.

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