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I am creating projects from a template using DTE. I want the projects to be signed by a particular .snk file. How to do it programmatically??

please help..!!

Thanks, Girish

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What I did is add a new Addin project into my solution and by adding this code:

    public void OnConnection(object application, ext_ConnectMode connectMode, objec addInInst,   ref Array custom)
        _applicationObject = (DTE2)application;
        _addInInstance = (AddIn)addInInst;

     public void SetSign(DTE2 app)
         Solution solution = app.Solution;
         foreach (Project proj in solution.Projects)
            if (null != proj.Properties && null != proj.Properties.Item("SignAssembly"))
               Property projProperty = proj.Properties.Item("SignAssembly");
               bool signed = (bool)projProperty.Value;
               if (!signed)
                  proj.Properties.Item("AssemblyOriginatorKeyFile").Value = @"C:\Projects\ClassLibrary1\Addins\Tools\mykeyfile.pfx";
                  proj.Properties.Item("SignAssembly").Value = true;
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