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I have over half-a-dozen apps with Facebook integration. They all used the old Facebook iOS SDK (prior to the sing-sign-on version of their sdk). Everything worked fine for the last year or so. Now, all apps report the error: "action links must have strings 'href' and 'text' attributes," which is a total bs since they do and it has worked.

When I remove the action-links (from Xcode and run), things work fine except that the "user_message_prompt" text is ignored (i.e. no customized message presented to the user). So, has facebook basically decided to force everyone to update to their latest sdk or am I missing something? I am surprised that I didn't find many such complaints.

I know, if I am going to release an upgrade, I will just migrate to the latest version (I hate to be forced to upgrade every time a third party decides to release upgrade to their sdk though).


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This is by design. As of July 12th, this value is being ignored. The SDK no longer allows you to pre-populate this field:

The only other option is to use your own custom dialogs and utilize the graph API to post the update.

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Thanks for your answer. Which field are you talking about? user_message_prompt or action_links? What's really making the post fail is the inclusion of the action_links (I can live without the user message prompt). Thanks. – Ephraim Sep 6 '11 at 21:14

I just bumped into the same error message with the old (2.x) SDK. In my case, it turned out that the original name and link action fields were fine, I just had to make sure the link is not the empty string, and voila!

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