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Working with C#(, m looking to develop to a fb application,i have made some setting in my fb apps but unable to redirect to my website page.

Here are the settting :-

App Secret =XXXX
Site URL=http://localhost:1045/
Canvas URL=
Secure Canvas URL :-
Canvas FBML/iframe :-iframe`enter code here`
Sandbox Mode :-Sandbox Mode
Contact Email =XXXX
Support Email=XXX

Please guide me what setting i have missed such that I'm unable to render my application. Facing page not found error.

Also please guide me how to add create "multi friend" invitation feature in iframe.

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check the follwing

  1. Check application is running outside Facbook i.e., with fbintegration.

  2. Change the Canvas url to your domain(http://localhost:xxx/)

  3. Under App settings you grant access token and retry.

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