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I am just getting started with both Grails and Shiro and I am looking at adding Shiro to an existing project.

I am wondering if the Shiro tags isLoggedIn and authenticated mean the same thing (i.e. always produce the same result)?

The Grails Shiro Plugin page seems to suggest so:

The tags <shiro:isLoggedIn> and <shiro:authenticated> check for an authenticated user, the tag <shiro:user> checks for a known user (authenticated or remembered) and the tag <shiro:remembered> checks only for a remembered user.

But it is hardly an in-depth description and it doesn't explain why they both exist if they are the same.

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Yes, they are exactly the same. Here is the source code:

 * This tag only writes its body to the output if the current user
 * is logged in.
 def isLoggedIn = { attrs, body ->
    if (checkAuthenticated()) {
        out << body()

 * A synonym for 'isLoggedIn'. This is the same name as used by
 * the standard Shiro tag library.
def authenticated = isLoggedIn
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That link to the source code is a good reference. Thanks –  David Sep 7 '11 at 22:43

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