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i just have a simple question to ask. For XML file, i know that the file extension is .xml but can it be possible to have an file extension of .pro/.m?

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The only significance of a file extension is that the operating system or web server typically allows you to set up a mapping from file extensions to applications that can process the file (or to MIME types, which amounts to the same thing). And of course it will probably have a default mapping. Given that the mapping is configurable, you can use any file extensions you like.

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You can give any file any extension.

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Just specify what extension you want.

Of course, depending on the OS, the default action when a user selects that file might change depending on the extension, but there is nothing inherent in XML that requires a file containing XML to be named .xml. (For a start a different extension, like .xsd, is often used for XML-Schema documents which are also XML.)

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You can store anything you want in any file of any extension.

If you are returning the file from a website, you will need to ensure that you are setting the correct mimetype for the file extension though (text/xml or application/xml for raw xml)

You can do this by adding a static mimetype for the extension, or if your using server-side code you can set this in the Http Headers

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