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In Django Admin, in the changelist view there is a Add <model_name> button at the top right hand corner.

Does anyone have any idea how to change the default text in that button?


I want to change the word Add to something else

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The changelist view renders the change_list.html file in django/contrib/admin/templates/admin directory.

Specifically, the snippet that you want to modify is

{% block content %}
  <div id="content-main">
    {% block object-tools %}
      {% if has_add_permission %}
        <ul class="object-tools">
          {% block object-tools-items %}
              <a href="add/{% if is_popup %}?_popup=1{% endif %}" class="addlink">
                {% blocktrans with cl.opts.verbose_name as name %}Add {{ name }}{% endblocktrans %}
          {% endblock %}
      {% endif %}
    {% endblock %}

So the bad news is that your "Add" user interface string as you can see is hardcoded.

The good news is, you can still override it by creating your own change_list.html template in your own project templates/admin/ directory. The specifics are explained here in django docs:-

and specifically in your case, it is simply to override the object-tools block on your own change_list.html file.

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You will need to update your Django admin templates. The template you're looking for is django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/change_list.html. Look for addlink, the line below that should be the word to change.

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that's the name for your model.

Django use model's class name by default, but you can change it by Meta.verbose_name

class MyModel(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField()
    class Meta:
        verbose_name = u"a_new_name"
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Thanks for answering. I came across verbose_name as well but I did not make myself clear in my question. I want to to change the entire text. – super9 Sep 6 '11 at 12:33

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