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My problem is i have 50 images each is 157X157 pixels and take 25kb.They are connected to a slider and when the user slides the slider they change 0 to 100. It works but my problem is iphone 3g and 3gs is very slow its hard to see the images and sometimes it stuck for a second to show the next image. I use UIImageview to show the images.How can i do it better so the phone that before retina display can show them without stucking? Thanks for answers and your time.

edit: All pictures is in the file they are not taking from url.

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Show some code - how are you loading and displaying the images -do they each have their own UIImageView, have you cached an array of 50 UIImages? – deanWombourne Sep 10 '11 at 0:52
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Preload them when your app launches. Sending each of them a -size message should be enough to force them to load.

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i resize all of them so they should be load oke i ll try thanks for your time – john doe Sep 6 '11 at 8:07
[[UIImage imageNamed:@"Smiley_00048.png"] size]; is it enough for application did finish lauching with options? – john doe Sep 6 '11 at 8:15
still it is slow mate – john doe Sep 6 '11 at 10:15

Maybe you can preload a lowRez version of your pictures ( like 78px ) when the slider move, you display the lowRez, and when it's stop, you swap to original picture.

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convert them to the size they will be drawn at (don't rescale them on the fly).

ps: a sample would help a lot

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