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there is a way to get the query string in a passed url string in ruby on rails

Example: i want to pass a url string :

my string :

from this string how can i get the id and empid? please a beginner in Ruby

thank you.


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If you have a URL in a string then use URI and CGI to pull it apart:

u = URI.parse('')
p = CGI.parse(u.query)
# p is now {"id"=>["4"], "empid"=>["6"]}
id = p['id'].first

Please use the standard libraries for this stuff, don't try and do it yourself with regular expressions.


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thanks a million,this is what i was looking for – Prasaanth Naidu Sep 6 '11 at 8:37

In a Ruby on Rails controller method the URL parameters are available in a hash called params, where the keys are the parameter names, but as Ruby "symbols" (ie. prefixed by a colon). So in your example, params[:id] would equal 4 and params[:empid] would equal 6.

I would recommend reading a good Rails tutorial which should cover basics like this. Here's one example - google will turn up plenty more:

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Thanks for the fast reply Russell,really appreciate it.but i dont want to get it from the url,instead i want it to extract from the is the application which im trying to do. require 'rubygems' require 'date' require 'cgi' require File.dirname(FILE) + "/lib/provider_base.rb" Dir[File.dirname(FILE) + '/lib/*.rb'].each {|file| require file } url = ""; empid = "what should i do here to get the empid" p empid – Prasaanth Naidu Sep 6 '11 at 8:14
Ah, ok. Then I think Mikhail's answer is what you need. – Russell Sep 6 '11 at 8:27
Rack::Utils.parse_nested_query("a=2") #=> {"a" => "2"}

quoted from: Parse string as if it were a querystring in Ruby on Rails

Parse query strings the way rails controllers do. Nested queries, typically via a form field name like this lil guy: name="awesome[beer][chips]" # => "?awesome%5Bbeer%5D%5Bchips%5D=cool", get 'sliced-and-diced' into an awesome hash: {"awesome"=>{"beer"=>{"chips"=>nil}}}

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vars = request.query_parameters


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This is not the best method, but it works:

request.query_string.split(/&/).inject({}) do |hash, setting|
  key, val = setting.split(/=/)
  hash[key.to_sym] = val

This will return hash with all GET params( :name => value ). Or just use request.query_string method, depends on in which format you want to get your GET params. Also you can use request.query_params from rake gem.

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This is vulnerable to a symbol DoS attack. – Lasse Bunk Oct 16 '13 at 23:19
This also doesn't do any URI decoding so the caller will have to decode the values in hash themselves. – mu is too short Oct 17 '13 at 1:39

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