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For example if I have annotation @MyOwnAnnotation and have these classes in my classpath, so that I could scan classpath possibly with some kind of filter (example. scan only packages starting with my.own.app.*) and get list of all classes with annotation @MyOwnAnnotation? I'm using guice as injection framework and I don't use Spring.

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Yes, check out the Scannotation library.

Also, see the following blog post that documents use of Scannotation.

Basic example:

URL[] urls = ClasspathUrlFinder.findClassPaths(); // scan java.class.path
AnnotationDB db = new AnnotationDB();
Set<String> entityClasses =

Your annotations will need to have 'runtime' retention so that they are available in the .class file at runtime.

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You can try corn-cps


List<Class<?>> classes = CPScanner.scanClasses(new PackageNameFilter("net.sf.corn.cps.*"),new ClassFilter().appendAnnotation(SampleAnnotation.class));

put the dependecy below in your pom.xml

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