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I am using netbeans 7 very successfully with JDK6. I need to add a JAX-WS webservice[ws] interface to my application to consume EJB service already created in the app. Since I moved to maven2 I had no issues with deployments on glassfish v3.1 and it seemed to work all fine apart from the new ws.

here is the list of issues I still have:

  • WS are not deployed and the WSDL are not generated
  • issues with the root context is nt recognised and the test WS is just after the localhost address.
  • I cannot configure security constrain for the WS, there is a JACC error and the WS is not available

I used to be able to secure the ws (Ant) with simple web.xml BASIC auth but with maven this is not working any more. I created a test Ant project and everything is working fine.

I think the solution is in the pom.xml (archetype?) where the correct build plug-ins are included? I am not sure what code to include part from the pom.xml I am using.

http://maven.apache.org/xsd/maven-4.0.0.xsd"> 4.0.0 ....


<name>at.web.ws Web App</name>





        <name>Repository for library Library[metro]</name>

any advise will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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I answered my own question :)

I found this amazing plugin that looks after everything and make sure it is all deployed under the ear project.


I hope this will help someone Cheers, G.

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