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I'd like to develop some application that will work with Facebook and Twitter. From the API introduction, for example, for Facebook, the app ID shall be necessary.

  • How do I get the app ID?
  • Shall I input it myself in the .plist?
  • Or shall I first get it from somewhere of Facebook or Twitter?
  • What is the "somewhere"?
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I think i get the information now. For facebook: – michael Sep 6 '11 at 9:30
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Create your app, and you'll get the ID.

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on Twitter, your application ID is the number you got in your application's page URL. For example: : The xxxxxxx is your app ID number.

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To get the App Id

  1. first register yourself as a facebook developer, use the following link

2.then use following link to generate access token and App ID

  • happy coding :)
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