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I have one COBOL pgm A which is calling another COBOL pgm B. In pgm B I need one file.How can I write JCL so that I would be able to access this file in pgm B? I have written select clause and FD entry for this file in B.

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You must include a DD statement in the JCL for the step that executes Program A.

If the file exists, that's quite easy.

//ABCDEFGH DD DISP=SHR,DSN=your.file.name.here

Where ABCDEFGH is the name you uses in your SELECT statement in Program B.

If you are creating a new file, you must take into account the estimated space your file will use and where you want to place it.

//            DSN=your.file.name.here,
//            AVGREC=K,
//            RECFM=FB,
//            LRECL=your-lrecl-here,
//            MGMTCLAS=your-management-class-here,
//            SPACE=(your-lrecl-here,(primary-number-of-records,secondary),RLSE)

This is just freehand, you really should look at the JCL Reference and JCL User's Guide.

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From the JCL perspective it doesn't matter whether program A processes the file or program B does because they are both execute in the same step. –  NealB Sep 6 '11 at 14:00
I created JCL...and also updated my main pgm and sub pgm by adding same select clause for this file and in FD section declared this file as EXTERNAL. I tested my JCL . It is working fine. Thanks a lot :) –  Saisha Sep 6 '11 at 14:10

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