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I am planning to use JDBC Pagination with Oracle (Query based technique ) No caching of results . When i tried to use rownum with between Option , it didn't gave me any results

select * from mytable where rownum between 10 and 20;

But this gave me results .

select * from mytable where rownum < 20;
Please tel me How to solve this ??

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I have just answered a very similar question, one way of approaching it would be to do this:

select *
( select rownum rnum, a.*
from (your_query) a
where rownum <= :M )
where rnum >= :N;

Providing a little wrapper for rownum.

I dont think this is wise for large volume implementations however. Although i haven't tested it.

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See this question for an explanation of why BETWEEN does not work with ROWNUM and Oracle & Pagination, and this one for how to perform pagination in Oracle queries.

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