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I'm working on a small event calendar and i want to sort the events by start time!

I'm using JodaTime Plugin in grails for the startTime attribute. ( )

So, how can i sort with this datatype? This does not work:

def sortedEvents = events.asList().sort({ a, b -> a.startTime <=> b.startTime } as Comparator)

I hope you can help me!

Thanks, whitenexx

/EDIT/ This is the code where i'm getting the events:

    def getEventsNext(Location location) {
        def events = { it.endTime >= new DateTime() }
    def sortedEvents = events.sort{it.startTime}
    System.out.println(sortedEvents); //test
    return sortedEvents

In /event/list action everything works fine with g:sortableColumn (sorting by startTime): /event/list

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3 Answers 3

Try this:

def sortedEvents = events.asList().sort{it.startTime}

To reverse the sorting order, use:

def sortedEvents = events.asList().sort{-it.startTime}

FYI, Groovy adds this sort() method to Collection so you can remove asList() from the code above if events is already a Collection.

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This doesn't work too. I think my mistake is elsewhere. I'm updating my first post/question. Please look at it :) – whitenexx Sep 7 '11 at 14:55

Try overriding the compareTo method in your domain classes.

For example,

int compareTo(obj) {


Sort your events like so:

def sortedEvents = events.sort{e1,e2-> e1.startTime.compareTo(2.startTime)}

Or as suggested by @Don, the groovier equivalent

def sortedEvents = events.sort{e1,e2-> e1.startTime <=> e2.startTime}
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I think startTime <=> obj.startTime is a slightly Groovier equivalent – Dónal Sep 6 '11 at 11:13
This doesn't work for me. Maybe my getEventsNext() method is incorrect? I've edited my first post/question, please look at it! – whitenexx Sep 7 '11 at 14:58
@whitenexx see my edit – gotomanners Sep 9 '11 at 9:06


def events = { it.endTime.isAfterNow() }
def sortedEvents = events.sort{it.startTime.toDate()}

JavaDoc for isAfterNow()

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