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I am trying to update linux-2.6-xlnx] files with Git pull -command, however I have stumbled on this problem. I get an error msg when I am trying to use the command and I have not got any clue what to do. Would someone please be so kind and tell me what to do.

[student@localhost linux-2.6-xlnx]$ git pull
Updating 1f104e3..f04dc68
drivers/staging/rt2860/common/cmm_data_2860.c: needs update
error: Entry 'drivers/staging/rt2860/common/cmm_data_2860.c' not uptodate. Cannot merge.
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Possible duplicate of… – eckes Sep 6 '11 at 10:17

The "not uptodate" message in git is rather confusing - essentially it means that you have some uncommitted changes to that file. You should either stage (i.e. git add) the file and create a commit before pulling, or discard the changes with git checkout -- drivers/staging/rt2860/common/cmm_data_2860.c.

This error message is also mention in the git FAQ:

(Incidentally, the reason I say that it's a confusing message is that for people who are used to CVS or Subversion, their immediate thought is likely to be, "oh, so I need to update - but isn't that just git pull in git?")

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