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How to check if I can send a private message to a Facebook user or not using the Facebook API?

The receiver may not necessarily be my friend. Also he hasn't given any rights to my Facebook application.

Edit: I am using Send dialog for sending private messages to private users but it shows error if the person has disabled to receive private messages.

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As I know the FB private messaging has been removed from the public api, I mean that usually apps can't send a private message to FB users, but also as I know you can cooperate with FB to get a special permission for your app, for example in Rockmelt browser you can send private messages, that measn that there is a way to do that, but FB controls that way.

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For now, I don't want to send private messages using API. I just want if the target user have enabled receiving message or not. – qasimzee Sep 9 '11 at 5:22

Could you elaborate more on the sender? Do you require the sender's consent?

Please check if the Send Dialog is what you are looking for

AFAIK this is the only way to send private message to an individual. But it requires the user's consent.

You can read more at this similar post:

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I edited the question. Please check – qasimzee Sep 6 '11 at 17:58

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