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I have created a generic repository project using Entity Framework 4.1 and it works great with my projects when added as an existing project to them but it doesn't work on them when just referenced as dll.

I get this error

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'.

but I have added app.config file and set relevant connection string to my SQL Server 2005 database (I have used DbContext as type my context)

Please help me.

Here is my connection string :

      <add name="TasksEntities" 
           connectionString="server=(local); database=Tasks; trusted_connection=false; User=sa; Password=****; Persist Security Info=True" 
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Seems like your credentials in the connection string should have permission to create database on your server. Log in to your database server and check whether your user account has the correct permissions. This will be a

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it just works fine when its project us added to another and relevant database with mentioned connection string user id is created with no error – bobby Sep 6 '11 at 10:49

I just ran into this myself. The connection string name must match the class name of your DbContext subclass exactly. If it doesn't EF will not find the connection string and will try and fall back to doing something else (SQL embedded?) which doesn't work on my machine (I have full SQL Server installed).

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That is only if you don't specify a connection string name in the constructor of your context like this: public MyDbContext() : base("name=Blah") – joshcomley Jan 5 '14 at 19:21
Awesome. Put me on the right track. – Praveen Paulose Jul 31 at 12:32

You must verify where is configured your connectionstring if you are working with more than one project for example. If your startup project in your solution has a connectionstring configured and in Package Manager Console is pointing to the project with EF Migrations configured as well (in "Default Project").

You can run with the command in Package Manager Update-Database -Verbose what is the startup project and source migration or specify putting the parameters in the command:

Update-Database -SourceMigration MvProject.Data -StartUpProjectName MyProject.Web -Verbose

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