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MySQL Cluster is a NoSQL technology? Or is another way to use the relational database?

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MySQL Cluster uses MySQL Servers as API nodes to provide SQL access/a relational view to the data. The data itself is stored in the data nodes - which are separate processes. The fastest way to access the data is through the C++ API (NDB API) - in fact that is how the MySQL Server gets to the data.

There are a number of NoSQL access methods for getting to the data (that avoid going through the MySQL Server/releational view) including Rest, Java, JPA, LDAP and most recently the Memcached key-value store API.

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It is another way to use the database by spreading it across multiple machines and allowing a simplified concurrent-master setup. It comes with a bit of a cost in that your indexes cannot exceed the amount of RAM available to hold them. To you application, it looks no different than regular MySQL.

Perhaps take a look at Can MySQL Cluster handle a terabyte database.

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