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I have a gridview using an image adapter for the elements, it's implemented like in this example:

Additionally I added a click listener for each item in the getView method, which sends the clicked position to the main class (outside of ImageAdapter) using a handler.

Now I want to update only the concerned imageView, but:

  • I don't know how to get the imageView outside of the ImageAdapter class (send with the handler? It's not serializable - create a buffer in ImageAdapter and getter?)

  • I'm not sure which method to use to change the image.

Currently I'm updating the whole grid each time:



public void setImages(int[] images) {
mImages = images;

Thanks in advance

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does it work like this? did u find better solution? – Ewoks Mar 2 '12 at 13:58

What you are currently doing is somewhat correct.

As an optimization, you could use an ArrayList<int> as the images and create a method in your adapter class to modify the value of a given index using ArrayList.set(int index, E element). Then calling notifyDataSetChanged() method should "theoretically" update the changed image view only :)

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