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The following .bat file does not produce an error. Why?


I know the '@' line prefix means "do not echo" and the :: prefix means "this is a comment", but what do the ; and = do?

As far as I can tell you can start a line with any mixture of ';' and '=' symbols and it has no effect whatsoever. =;=;=;=;=;=dir does execute dir. What is the correct interpretation of '=' and ';' ?

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Excuse me, but :: does NOT mean comment. A colon precede a label, but a label that start with colon can not be used, so the command processor ignores it. The use of :: for lines with comments is customary and the same effect can be obtained with other characters that can not be included in a label, like :/ :\ :. etc. –  Aacini Sep 8 '11 at 2:19

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They are interpreted as command line delimiters (along with a comma and white-space characters) so the following are all equivalent;

dir c:\ /b
dir c:\;/b
dir c:\=/b
dir c:\,/b

In the case of =;=;=;=;=;=dir they are presumably treated as leading white-space and ignored

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Thanks for including ',' as a possibility too. –  Simon G. Sep 6 '11 at 11:16


   ;;for;=/l=%%^^;in;,=;(;;0;=,=1,% hello% 5::@loop)=,=do;;@echo(%%^^%
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