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I have a MessageContract containing one BodyMember. When I try to send that message contract without initializing that BodyMember I get following excepton:

System.ArgumentNullException occurred Message=Value cannot be null. Parameter name: FileStream

If I change it to MessageHeader it will work (but I need it to stay BodyMember). Is it possible that MessageBodyMember can't null or that Stream can't be null?

This is MessageContract:

public class AdsAdminRequest : ServiceMessageRequest
    public AdsAdminCriteria Criteria { get; set; }

    public AdDto Ad { get; set; }

    public Stream FileStream { get; set; }
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Stream is a special case which means "everything in the message body". If you really want to send null (or Nothing), consider passing Stream.Null.

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Thanks, this helped. –  mersadk Sep 7 '11 at 8:28
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