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I have a java project which includes settings, bin, src, .classpath, .project. I am trying to run this project in eclipse, so I import this project. Now in eclipse I can see src which includes (default package) and com.mjm.transactions,(default package) includes all .java files, in com.mjm.transactions it is supposed to exist all .class files in transactions folder which I cant see in eclipse, and so there is error on import com.mjm.transactions.myclass; of cannot be resolved.

I also used 'Add class folder' in myProject->properties->Library -> but it is not importing myclass.class, if I use organize imports in eclipse it resolves this error and adds Reference Libraries/ package/myclass.class but now giving me error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mjm/transactions/myclass when I run it.

Where is the problem, pls help me out. Thanks

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If your source files are in the com.mjm.transactions package, then they should be placed in src/com/mjm/transactions in order for Eclipse to recognize that they are part of the com.mjm.transactions package. Move all the .java files in the default package to the com.mjm.transactions package within Eclipse and it should be OK.

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Thnx alot..problem resolved :) – Rony Sep 6 '11 at 12:03

Make sure that you define the Java build path. Keep Output Output folder to /bin. All the compiled files (.class files) should exist in the bin folder. so that those will be available in classpath.

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