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More specifically I am looking for tools for IBM Enterprise Cobol.

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There is an COBOL plug-in.

There are others e.g. from AcuCorp and Microfocus but they are only an IDE i.e. you need the underlying company specific software in order to compile.

There was also one from Fujitsu subject to the same constraints.

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Those aren't really for IBM Enterprise COBOL. –  Ira Baxter Jan 29 '10 at 5:17

I am unfamiliar with the Cobol you mention, hence:

For the IBM i (aka AS/400) http://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/developer/rdi/

(you might get hold of the 7.0 from the QSYSOPR's - it was free with the compiler pack)

For the IBM z (390) http://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/rdz/

They are not cheap, but there are trials available.

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Take a look at Eclipse - Visual COBOL from Microfocus.

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I think there is a interesting alternative called cobolclipse from a company called innoWake I believe.

A google search shows me: http://www.innowake.de/cobolclipse-26-en.html

You can get in touch with the guys through: www.innowake.com

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Take a look at Cobolclipse from innoWake: http://www.innowake.de/cobolclipse-26-en.html

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Check this metaSO question and Jon Skeet: Coding Blog on how to give a correct answer. –  Yaroslav Nov 6 '12 at 8:13

I guess you have already found this one ? No information found if it is "IBM Entreprise Cobol" friendly, however.

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IBM makes Eclipse-based COBOL development tools for the COBOL~IBMEnterprise dialect. The package (called "Rational Development for Z" or RDZ) is a full eclipse environment; I don't think it is a plugin.

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Jan 28, 2010: Semantic Designs releases Eclipse RDZ plugin tools for IBM Enterprise COBOL for:

  • Test Coverage -- determines what code has been exercised by tests
  • Clone Detection -- finds copy/paste/edited code
  • Smart Differencer -- shows how source code has changed in terms of COBOL language elements and editing actions
  • Search Engine -- searches across huge systems of COBOL, JCL, PL/1
  • StyleChecker -- diagnoses poor coding style; can automate fixes for some
  • Metrics -- computes SLOC, Cyclomatic, Halstead metrics per paragraph/section/program
  • Component Connectivity -- determines which system elements (COBOL programs, screens, databases, JCL scripts) interact with other system elements
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